Photodynamic Therapy Device KN-7000C

LED units: 48 
Application: home use

Outlooking & Feature

  • Fashionable and delicate design, convenient to carry
  • 48 LEDs, high output intensity
  • Many treatment panels available for different working places
  • Different working modes: 1min, 2mins, 3mins, 5mins and non-stop
  • Pulsed working mode
  • Replaceable lithium battery, working time up to 120mins
  • Standard Mini USB port
  • Charge with power adapter or with USB from computer

Order Online

various light combos available
Not sale to United States and Italy

various light combos available



Easy to change treatment head
Red light Wrinkle remover Yellow light whitening Blue light removing Acne
Red+ yellow light Wrinkles and whitening Red+blue light Acne improvement Red+ infrared light Pain relief

Power and battery



Replace battery
Mini-USB interface use USB power adapter or connect with computer charging