Red Light 633nm Wrinkle reduction

Penetrate the skin deeply, increase the peroxidase in the mitochondria, and improve the decomposition of adenosine triphosphate and the synthesis of protein and glycogen, thus enhancing the metabolism and synthesis of cells, improve blood circulation, expand the capillary, speed up the blood blow to increase the activity of cells and heal the wound and absorb the inflammation.


Blue light 417nm acne treatment

Blue light has a repid effect on inhibiting inflammation, propionibacterium is the main reason during the formation of acne, and blue light can efficient destroy this bacteria without damaging the skin tissue, replica watches minimizing acne forming, and apparently reduce and heal the acne inflammationin a relatively short period


Yellow Light 590nm Whitening

Yellow light can lead to subcutaneous tissue and absorbed by Red granular cells, which will cause high efficiency photo-chemical reactions. This will enhance liveness of cell, and promote metabolism, raise immunity.


Infrared light 850nm healing wounds

Under the expose of infrared light, the temperature of tissue will increase, angiotelectasis, Blood flow will accelerate, metabolism will improve, cell activity and regeneration capacity will enhance. When treat chronic inflammation, infrared light can improve blood circulation, enhance phagocytosis of cells and clear tumidness, so that to evanesce tumidness. Infrared light can also improve tissue nutrition, replica watches clear granuloma, boost granulation to grow, in order to cure Chronic wound infection and chronic ulcer. Further more, infrared light can alleviate excitability of nervous system, reduce nervous system of burn wounds and treat contusion.